New Kid On The Block

DSC_0492-001Hello Gus, or should I say Kostas? That’s definately not a scandinavian name. Where are you from?

– I’m from a hellhole in Greece called Athens. I moved to Norway last year. Now I live in Oslo.

Why Norway and not somewhere warmer? It’s not excactly the sunniest place on earth.
– Because I like vikings, and the movie «Troll Hunter» was awesome. But seriously, I hate the climate in Greece. It’s too hot and humid. The winters in Norway are perfect. Also, Norway is not a member of the EU, which is a BIG plus.

I guess the greeks are not the EU’s biggest fans these days. Moving on, how long have you been playing drums and which bands inspired you to start playing music?
– I’ve been playing for 20 years now. Too many bands to list, but if I had to name a few it would be Pink Floyd, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Rush and Gojira. But really, I’m inspired by any band that has a good drummer.

 There are a lot of upstart bands out there. Why did you choose the Gravity?
– Because the music you guys were playing was by far the best.

Thank you. Finally, how is Norway different from Greece?
– The cars here actually stop to let pedestrians cross the street. In Greece, even of the light is green, if you try to cross the street you will get run over. Then the driver will get out of the car and beat you up for being in his way. I’m so used to cars stopping now that when I go back to Greece I will probably end up in a hospital.
Also, the coffee in Norway is terrible.