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The Gravity was born from the ashes of post-grunge bands such as The Owned and Toy Plane. These were bands that, while good in their own right, never reached their full potential and was put to rest after being repeatedly faced with that hurdle most annoying of all; The Drummers Who Couldn’t Commit.

The creative nucleus of these bands – Vocalist/Guitarist Pål Nordlien, Guitarist Lorentz Vaagland and Bassist Kjetil Nybø – still needed an outlet for their music, and so a new band was formed and this time they decided to go about it in a slightly different way; No more half-measures. No more EP’s self-recorded on shoestring budgets and frustration. A vision was laid out – An album, done professionally this time, drummers be damned. One that would stand the test of time and push their songwriting abilities to the limit. One that would tackle real subject matter as heavy as could be put into words. One that dared cut loose from the grungy water their previous attempts had tread.

To begin with, there was the slight issue of not having a place to write and record. Having never shied away from the DIY ethos, the band went to work building their own studio, complete with a Pro Tools recording rig, a live room with pro-level sound treatment and all the bells and whistles. The studio was named ManMade Studios, because that is exactly what it was. Having dabbled in electrical engineering before, Pål even built several outboard compressors and preamps from scratch under the ManMade brand. (In fact, today several ManMade stompboxes can be seen on both Pål and Lorentz’ pedalboards)

After about a year of writing, the songs were starting to take shape but were still just a collection of riffs and melodies. They lacked that pulsing groove that can only come from an accomplished drummer. Unfazed by this, the band got closet drummer Lorentz to write outlines of drum parts for the songs. After the demos were done, the band hired session drummer extraordinaire Tom Arne Fossheim to record Lorentz’ drum ideas, a task that took him about a day and a half after having listened to the songs only once. After picking their jaws up from the floor, the band thanked him and took their newly minted drum tracks back to ManMade studios where they enlisted producer/engineer Jens Petter Hardangen to help record guitars, bass and vocals.

Tracks were laid down, progress was made… until it was time to record the vocals. To have vocals, you need lyrics, something that in the past had always been more of an afterthought than a real concern. There were many grand ideas and concepts for songs floating around, but putting them into words was proving to be difficult. Thankfully, bass player Kjetil tapped into so far unknown talents and produced some truly heavy and thought provoking lyrics. Throats were raw, fingers blistered and sore, but the recording process finally came to and end in the early summer of 2014, with mixing handled by Jens Petter Hardangen in Oslo’s PhatCat Studios.

We hope you enjoy it!