Playing in a band is hard work. It takes time and dedication on par with most full time jobs. As musicians tend to have day jobs in addition to their musical activities, it comes as no surprise that, sometimes, one must take priority over the other. It is therefore with great sadness we announce the departure of our longtime bassist, Kjetil Nybø. Kjetil has been an unwavering part of this band, as well as other bands leading up to it, since 2005. He has chosen to leave The Gravity to focus more on other projects and we respect his decision, although with our sadfaces firmly on.

But most of all we would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU!! to Kjetil for laying down the low end for a decade with us, as well as for being an all-around awesome person to hang with. We’ll miss your great sense of humor and not-by-the-book attitude and playing. We have shared many laughs, and hopefulle will continue to do so, even if you are not with us any more.

Downpicking for Life!!

Big, backslapping man-hugs from:
The Rest of Them


– The Gravity is currently working on new material, so stay tuned.